Cap Stable Episode 52: Eh, it wasn’t so bad



Image courtesy of Wiros PotHead

On the latest episode of Cap Stable, we talk about how we are all getting ready for the new HERO Coalition Doctrines, Strategic  Operations(StratOps), and was Crius as bad as everyone was saying it would be?

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Cap Stable Presents 04: CCP FoxFour with CSM9 Steve Ronuken & CSM9 Corbexx

CCP FoxFour


Lanctharus sits down with CCP FoxFour and CSMs Steve Ronuken & Corbexx to talk about third party development, the current API, and the new CREST APIs.

What will CREST allow? Find out on this episode of the Cap Stable Presents!

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Cap Stable Presents 03: Nosy Gamer


Earlier in the month I had  a chance to talk to Nosy Gamervideo game blogger who extensively covers EVE Online about some of the topics he considers important in this silly internet space ship game.

I hope you enjoy the random musings.

Special Announcement: August 2nd Remembrance Day Fleet



Hoots provides a quick announcement about AIEU’s August 2nd Remembrance Day Vigil.