Cap Stable Episode 55: Vegas, Baby!

Road Map

On this episode… the Jump changes have caused a large uproar, Tech3 Destroyers, and Lanctharus just got back  from Eve Vegas! Continue reading

Cap Stable Episode 54: Oh, Oceanus

Oceanus Release

On this episode of Capstable, we talk Oceanus, Why are people getting disconnected from Tranquility? and Flight of 1000 Ishkurs for PopPaddi :'(

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Cap Stable Episode 53: Schrodinger’s Revenant

eve-bet rev

On this episode of the Capstable podcast, we talk about Eve on land , I mean HERO coalition lost then gained back SOV, Alliance Tournament XII, and how the second Revenant died…well, maybe.

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Cap Stable Episode 52: Eh, it wasn’t so bad



Image courtesy of Wiros PotHead

On the latest episode of Cap Stable, we talk about how we are all getting ready for the new HERO Coalition Doctrines, Strategic  Operations(StratOps), and was Crius as bad as everyone was saying it would be?

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