Cap Stable Episode 56: Pre-Phoebe Freebie

On this episode we talk more about Phoebe, lots of Null Sec updates, and a new contender enters the Null-Sec arena!

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Cap Stable Episode 55: Vegas, Baby!

Road Map

On this episode… the Jump changes have caused a large uproar, Tech3 Destroyers, and Lanctharus just got back  from Eve Vegas! Continue reading

Cap Stable Episode 54: Oh, Oceanus

Oceanus Release

On this episode of Capstable, we talk Oceanus, Why are people getting disconnected from Tranquility? and Flight of 1000 Ishkurs for PopPaddi :'(

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Cap Stable Episode 53: Schrodinger’s Revenant

eve-bet rev

On this episode of the Capstable podcast, we talk about Eve on land , I mean HERO coalition lost then gained back SOV, Alliance Tournament XII, and how the second Revenant died…well, maybe.

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